Designing bonds that last a lifetime:

Selecting and validating the right adhesive to create strong and durable bonds that meet existing assembly line requirements can be a drain on resources.

At the free-to-attend Adhesives & Bonding Expo Europe conference, co-located with Foam Expo Europe, you will gain invaluable insights on process optimization and bond design from industry leaders speaking at the conference. They will share their expert knowledge on application requirements; bonding smooth, greasy or dissimilar materials; optimizing surface preparation, dispensing, drying, curing, and fixture times; real-world durability testing in extreme environments, and much more.

Why attend:

Gain an understanding of next-generation adhesive and foam technologies for your specific application and assembly line requirements

Learn about property and process improvements such as thermal resistance; UV resistance; faster curing times; and surface treatment

Learn best practices and advancements in performance testing of adhesives and foams, such as: real-world durability testing in extreme environments; high loading rate and standardizing testing methods

Get updates on key industry drivers such as sustainability, regulations, and end-user market trends